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Affordable & targeted web marketing services within ATRI for residential treatment centers, outpatient, sober livings, therapists, intervention and more…

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A.T.R.I. – Addiction Treatment Reviews & Information tends to attract private-pay individuals who more often than not, have out-of-pocket financial means to pay for recovery services. The reason is because people are more likely to search for reviews and testimonials when facing the prospect of spending their own money as opposed to health insurance or free/indigent services. People with no financial resources are more likely to focus on simply finding a place that will take them. That said, if you accept state or local funding in order to provide low-cost or no-cost recovery related services, A.T.R.I is probably not the right advertising forum for you. If however you offer higher-end services then this is likely among the least costly and most effective online marketing tools you will ever encounter.

A.T.R.I. provides effective, low-cost web exposure options within eight (8) separate recovery related categories, those being; Residential-Inpatient Treatment Centers, Outpatient IOP Treatment Centers, Eating Disorder Facilities, Sober Living Homes-Transitional 3/4 Housing, Therapists, Interventionists, Sober-Life Coaches & DUI-DWI-Drug Crime Related Defense Attorneys. Within each category we offer three types of exposure options. The first is called "Enhanced Private Pages" the second is "Geo-targeted Stationary Banner Campaigns" and the third is "Custom Banner Campaigns."

NOTE: While ATRI does have specially placed Google Ads on certain pages, any facility or service utilizing our Enhanced Private Page feature is assured there will never be any competing ads on their page.



These pages are designed and programmed by us, and are basically miniature one-page private websites within the A.T.R.I. site focusing entirely on your facility, your services, your testimonials and most importantly, your target audience. They are designed in a special way that enables them to appear within our site's navigation AS WELL AS by themselves within traditional organic search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Additionally, they are syndicated onto several other prominent websites in order to further promote and boost your web exposure footprint. These Enhanced Private Pages include substantial information on your services, all of your positive reviews, photos, external links to other things like your videos, press releases, etc. They even include a fully-functional i-frame (embedded version) of your company website.

EXAMPLES:  Treatment Center  |  Private Recovery Service (therapy/coaching)  |  Sober Living Home  |  Teen/Adolescent Rehab

You will notice these pages as being designed specifically with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind in order to maximize appearance within organic search results. Even better, and unlike traditional online treatment directories, the page design forces the viewer to take multiple steps if they choose to exit the page in order to search for other like services in your market area. Within the A.T.R.I website, your page will be found on the corresponding geographical service page that your initial positive review appears on, such as the California Inpatient Treatment Page or the Arizona Sober Coaching page and so on. Services which opt to have an Enhanced Private Page will have a big, bold, blue link (as shown on the left hand image below) at the bottom of their initial review in order to encourage the viewer to click for the purpose of seeing more reviews, photos, data, logos, array of services, their company website and more… The objective is for these pages to appear in the eyes of your target audience through multiple online avenues.

Substance abuse treatment review testimonial or rating Reviews on drug rehabs, sober living homes, sober coaches, etc

For those of you that are a bit more web savvy, you'll likely notice the geographically optimized page titles. If you right-click and view the page source you'll also notice it has a 160 +/- character page description that is accurately and optimally key worded while maintaining white hat SEO standards. Within the visual page content it contains healthy percentages of relevant keywords and key phrases geared specifically for THIS facility's target audience. Lastly, no less than 80% of the page content is uniquely generated by the A.T.R.I. Staff in order to ensure there is no possibility of being flagged for duplicate content anywhere else on the web. We take into account every detail and create a high quality presence for you in a number of aspects! Ultimately, it's about generating viable phone calls from new prospective clients

By the way, should your company website happen to go down temporarily or even permanently, you are more than welcome to redirect your domain to your Enhanced Private Page. There is no issue of bandwidth so your viewers will continue to enjoy fast page load times.

PRICING: The annual cost of an Enhanced Private Page is $900 per year. This includes everything…creation, unlimited edits, syndication, etc. A couple of final points to make: One, A.T.R.I. does not post negative reviews should one arrive on your behalf, we simply forward the review to management at your organization in order to attempt private resolution with the complaining individual. Two, if multiple negative reviews are received by us and which appear to be authentic based on various criteria we have in place, we will address that matter privately with your organization on a case by case basis. Lastly, in order to be eligible for an Enhanced Private Page with A.T.R.I., you must first have at least one positive review on the site.

DELIVERY: The normal frame of time in which to expect completion of your private page is 3 to 5 days following campaign launch. Additional services included will begin immediately following your approval to "go-live" and will remain ongoing throughout the entirety of your campaign.



We do not like the concept of "cost-per-click (CPC)" or "Cost-per-Thousand-Impressions (CPM)" since there's always that little bit of mystery as to how accurate the providing service truly is. We're not accusing anyone or any organization of inflating stats for the sake of dinging your credit card yet one more time, but if impropriety is to occur it will more than likely occur on a CPM or a CPC banner campaign. Of course for those who prefer that type of campaign, far be it for us to try and convince you otherwise! Additionally, we don't like rotating banners; we believe that spot on the page is your real estate and should remain as such each and every time a new or returning visitor is on that page. Therefore, all banners on A.T.R.I. are stationary and do not rotate in and out.

All standard banner sizes are 617 x 66 pixels AND we provide complimentary design services


Florida Drug Rehabs, Sober Coaches and Addiction Interventionists

A.T.R.I covers eight (8) categories within the realm of recovery and/or treatment services, those being: Residential-Inpatient Treatment Centers, Outpatient IOP Treatment Centers, Eating Disorder Facilities, Sober Living Homes-Transitional 3/4 Housing, Therapists, Interventionists, Sober-Life Coaches & DUI-DWI-Drug Crime Related Defense Attorneys. Each category offers 50 state pages as well as 8 to 15 international pages. Certain larger market states such as California, Florida, Texas, New York, etc. also offer individual regional pages like; Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Manhattan and many others. We also provide general information pages such as; Luxury Treatment Centers, Addiction vs. Alcoholism and so on… In total, this site has around 600 pages in which you may target your banner campaign toward a specific audience type as well as within a specific country, state or city. ALL PAGES SITE WIDE HAVE A MAXIMUM BANNER IMAGE ALLOTMENT OF FOUR (4); ONCE THAT NUMBER IS REACHED THE PAGE IS FULL AND CANNOT BE INCLUDED IN YOUR CAMPAIGN UNLESS A CURRENT CAMPAIGN IS REMOVED.

It's our firm belief that it is much better to generate 3 viable inbound calls for you each day rather than 20 wasted calls with long-shot potential. For instance, if you offer outpatient treatment services in Los Angeles, CA we know that a banner on our San Diego, CA Outpatient Page would likely not be prudent since no one in their right mind drives 2 hours for IOP. Is it possible? Sure. Is it likely? No way. It is not typically our practice to turn away potential revenue, however, integrity always trumps money!

PRICING: We keep banner pricing very simple & straightforward… The cost of a stationary 617 x 66 banner within a country, state, city or informational page is $25 per month, billed on a quarterly basis. We do implement a 3-page minimum on all banner campaigns. That said, the lowest possible banner campaign cost would be $225 billed at the start of each 3-month period.

DELIVERY: For new stationary banner campaigns with graphics provided to us, the standard delivery time is 2 to 3 days. For campaigns requiring our staff to create the actual banner images, the standard delivery time is 3 to 5 days pending your organization's approval upon review of the artwork.



For custom campaigns such as off-size (outside of the normal 617 x 66) images or for specialty spots like on our homepage or informational pages, for instance, please call or email to discuss your needs. These campaigns are custom designed and priced accordingly based on the agreed upon approach.

DELIVERY & PRICING: Dependent upon the campaign structure and specifics…



We as a staff are all in recovery and practice the same principles in how we operate this organization. We believe in undercharging and over-delivering. We don't believe in time-contracts or lock-in periods. We believe ALL online marketing services should be performance based otherwise they probably have something to hide We believe people seeking help should have practical, easy-to-follow information readily available!

We are A.T.R.I. and we're here to change the treatment industry…

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Our staff is available 7 days a week. Please click here to view our refund & payment terms policy. To inquire further into any of the three enhanced exposure options shown above, please call (714) 947-3411 or email us at info@addiction-rehab-reviews.org.