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The past 20 years or so have given great rise to all sorts of rehabs and treatment centers for drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling addictions, eating disorders (bulimia & anorexia) and even what is now referred to as dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders.  While many of these recovery centers have focused on serving the elite, the upper crust of society, a whole other segment exists which focuses entirely on those whom are seeking affordable treatment services.  Whether your intent is to pay by way of health insurance or as an out of pocket expense, or both, rest assured that many options exist!

It’s amazing to see the variation of inexpensive treatment options from state to state.  While the array of city, county and state funded drug rehabilitation centers has broadened dramatically, there of course comes along a corresponding increase in need for treatment among the indigent.  But there has also been an emergence of what are known as affordable or reasonably priced treatment options that can offer very effective clinical services for as little as 3 to 5 thousand dollars per month.  These numbers obviously represent the low end of the spectrum.

On a side note, for those whom are interested in entering treatment that accepts their particular health insurance plan, rather than call around from place to place, the ideal approach is to call the toll free customer service number on the back of your insurance card and speak with an agent in order to obtain a list of in-network facilities.  If your carrier offers web access to your plan that information will almost certainly be made available online as well.  The thing to remember is that some treatment centers will accept health insurance as partial payment and require an additional out-of-pocket sum.  Nonetheless, anything helps!

Many affordable treatment options exist for those whom are willing to forego the route of luxury and privacy.  You can actually just go to Yahoo or Google and do any the following searches, and multiple variations thereof, which are sure to return all sorts of viable options:

  • “Affordable Drug Rehabs”
  • “Affordable Treatment for Alcohol/Drugs”
  • “Low-Cost Addiction Treatment”
  • “Affordable Eating Disorder Treatment”
  • “Health Insurance Drug or Alcohol Rehabs”

These are obviously examples which could be switched up and reworderd in a way that meets your exact needs.  The fact is, if you’re struggling and looking to find treatment, many affordable and mid-range options exist.  They may not offer the same level of private on-site services like psychiatry, advanced methods such as neurofeedback and neuroplasticity, or any ancillary recovery services like yoga, pilates, massage and so on.  Among the many questions people often ask when trying to decide on a treatment center is, does a more expensive facility necessarily mean a higher level of success for long-term sobriety?  That is a great question to ask them when you call to find out more.

For more information, locations, reviews and so on be sure to browse the A.T.R.I. website…

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The information above is intended as a general guide based on the experience of many. The creators of this web page are not licensed physicians; we are caring individuals whom have experienced the horrors of addictive-type illnesses on many levels. We speak from many years of personal and professional experience. Please feel free to contact us for any reason at:



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