Alcohol Intervention

Planning an alcohol intervention is the most important step in helping your loved one recover from their alcohol addiction before it costs their life. This step in their recovery should always be your first step towards their recovery and it be well planned to avoid any mishaps throughout the entire process that you will undergo.

How to Have a Successful Alcohol Intervention

The steps that you must take in order to have a successful alcohol intervention include:

  • Choose a location that is comfortable and familiar to the addict so that he or she will not feel pressured or uncomfortable during the alcohol intervention.
    Set a time that is best for the alcoholic and every person that is attending.
  • Choose a group of people that have a large influence on the alcoholic and who will have the greatest impact in the alcoholic’s life during the alcohol intervention (try not to over-crowd the alcohol intervention to avoid the alcoholic from feeling overwhelmed).
  • Encourage every individual attending the alcohol intervention to write a letter to the alcoholic telling how they used to be, what they miss and what will happen if they do not choose to turn from alcohol.
  • You need to choose a rehab center that will meet all your loved one’s needs and have the program available to the alcoholic so when he or she says yes to rehab, they can leave immediately.

The Importance of an Alcohol Intervention

An alcohol intervention is the part in recovery when an alcoholic will see how the alcohol is affecting their life and they will be given an ultimatum to get treatment or suffer consequences from all of the people that care about them the most. It also brings into perspective how their alcoholism has affected family members and friends.

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