Who We Are?


The people of A.T.R.I. are a group of recovering drug addicts & alcoholics whom have spent many years and seen many things within the scope addiction, treatment, recovery and so on.  From being in rehab and sober living to working in some of the nation’s most prominent treatment centers and standing side by side with defense attorneys in court rooms, we’ve seen the lowest of lows to the highest of highs!  From the pain of heroin overdoses to the joys of getting married and raising a family while active in sobriety, we’ve been there…we’ve done than.

We have seen firsthand how the service sector within the treatment industry (substance abuse, alcoholism, gambling addiction, eating disorders, etc) has so often fallen victim to many online review & complaint services.  You see, this industry is like none other.  Unfortunately, a very high percentage of men & women who come into recovery, in whatever capacity, do not remain sober.  In most cases these individuals are left thinking that they have been victimized and taken advantage of, when in fact their self-serving behaviors are what caused the situation in the first place…we know, we’ve been there!  For example, it is very common to see a client relapse while living in an inpatient treatment center or sober living home.  Surprisingly, more often than not they end up being discharged or forced to leave and are then under the impression that they are due a refund of some sort.  Really?  They chose to relapse and the facility should pay the price?

While most industries boast a very high rate of customer satisfaction, the addiction treatment, sober living and other related industries are at a loss due to; (1) the selfish nature of their clientele, (2) the unparalleled power of drugs & alcohol to draw the newly sober individual back into active addiction, (3) and the loved ones inability to see the situation objectively due to love being blind.  There are many, many more scenarios that would likely result in poor reviews than in any other industry, and thus, the vast majority of these reviews are unfounded and based entirely on the addict’s or alcoholic’s projecting of feelings due to inner anger and resentment because things didn’t work out their way.

It is so sad when a recovery center or treatment professional or sober living residence or anything of the sort sees a drop in business when it is based on poor reviews placed out of vengeance.  Many websites out there will post anything they receive and not even consider the greater ramifications.  So to wrap it all up, we want to try and create a bit of a shift in the world of addiction recovery services.  First of all, we read all reviews that come in and apply our own empirical knowledge in how to deal with them.  Second, any poor review we receive is first sent privately to the facility or service in which it references so that there may be attempted private resolution.  Obviously if a particular facility receives numerous bad reviews, all from different IP addresses then they receive much more merit and attention.

A.T.R.I. is funded by offering advertising space, enhanced listings and so on.  Our objective is not to become rich, it is to help change this industry while also not starving!

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The information above is intended as a general guide based on the experience of many. The creators of this web page are not licensed physicians; we are caring individuals whom have experienced the horrors of addictive-type illnesses on many levels. We speak from many years of personal and professional experience. Please feel free to contact us for any reason at: info@addiction-rehab-reviews.org