Different Types of Addiction and Substance Abuse Treatment

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Different types of inpatient, outpatient and teen drug rehab treatment

As you begin the process of finding the appropriate treatment program for yours or your loved one’s addiction, it’s important to realize there are numerous options available out there.  Many first timers will often attempt outpatient or IOP (intensive outpatient program) as a means to arrest and recover from their malady.  Likewise, those with children to care for or unable to take a leave from their job or school will commonly go this route as well.  And while there are many reputable outpatient rehabs out there, the number one drawback is that it still affords the individual with ample freedom to drink or use while while outside of their daily sessions and for some, the temptation is simply too great.

With respect to inpatient or residential treatment facilities, there are a whole slew of options.  First, there is a major distinction between adult centers and those intended for teens and adolescents.  In most cases teen drug rehabs range in age from as low as 12 on up to just under 18, whereas adult locations are solely 18 and up.  Beyond the age factor, there are many other variations in types and services offered ranging from; luxury rehabs, affordable treatment, religious based, 12-step and non 12-step, holistic treatment centers and so on.  If you’re looking for unbiased reviews & testimonials on adult inpatient, outpatient or teen/adolescent residential facilities, as well as practical information relating to each, then you’re at the right place!


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