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Times have most certainly changed over the past few decades, and among the few truly profound changes are today’s teens and adolescents and the extreme risky behavior they so eagerly engage in on a daily basis. Whereas at one point in time a high school student might consider drinking beer and smoking some weed at a Friday night party an extreme act, today’s youth are starting earlier and using stronger, harder and far more addictive substances like; cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine (speed), opiate/narcotic painkillers, ketamine, spice, etc.

Drug treatment facilities providing residential recovery services for those under the age of 18 fall into a special category called teen or adolescent treatment. These rehabs operate under very strict guidelines and provide all the necessary services applicable to clients in that specific age range, typically as young as 12 or 14 on up to just under 18. These facilities offer in-house academics-schooling in addition to substance abuse treatment, along with a variety of other life skills elements that aim to prepare their youthful clients for what hopes to be a valued, sober life.

In terms of variety, the spread of teen-adolescent drug rehab centers nationwide is quite a bit smaller than those offering adult recovery services.  While some of these facilities offer a relatively high-end and comfortable residential environment, their standards, protocols and overall level of strictness in terms of adherence to policy are generally quite strong.

Sending your son or daughter to a teen treatment center, as overwhelming as it may be, may quite possibly be among the few most important decisions made on their behalf over the course of their lives.  It has lifelong implications and is geared set a foundation and a course for living that is absolutely crucial.  Be sure to ask the admission rep as many questions as you can; be specific and diligent, search for reviews, testimonials, complaints and so on.  What health insurance plans do they work with?  What type of follow-up and aftercare services do they offer?  What are the program length options?  Does the facility focus on treating specific addictions?  Is the facility coed or gender-specific, and if it's coed then what types of protocols are in place to help best ensure the client's focus remains on recovery rather than social interaction?

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