How to Respond to Online Complaints and Poor Reviews

How to Respond to Online Complaints and Poor Reviews

It's very common to see complaints and poor reviews for drug rehabs, residential treatment centers & sober living homes, so what do you do if you receive one?


Anyone familiar with the world of addiction treatment services or basically anything related to substance abuse recovery, is pobably familiar with the unusually high prevelance of online complaints and poor reviews throughout this industry.  Even some of the world's finest inpatient drug & alcohol rehab centers have been plagued such craziness, and the worst part is that there is almost no way to really combat frivolous or fake web based complaints and bad reviews.

It all started with major websites like Yelp and and other prominent consumer portals, all of which having good intentions of course.  What better way to bypass the trials and tribulations of seeking out the best Chinese food in the area or produce mart or bookstore or who knows what!  A professionally moderated forum designed for people to share their views and experiences with local businesses and/or service providers.  It sounds great, right?

The issue with places like inpatient drug rehab centers, sober living homes and other addiction treatment services is that they cater to an audience that is often times sufferring from skewed thinking and low success rates.  For instance, any typical substance abuse treatment facility will find that over the course of time, a large percentage of their previous patients will suffer a relapse, if not even multiple relapses!  The fact of the matter is that a very high percentage of drug rehab and sober living clients will not remain sober of the long haul, and in many cases they will blame outside forces as being the cause, such as the treatment center, a therapist, a counselor, etc.

Nearly every type of mental health and addiction recovery services provider has some unhappy clientele.  It's impossible to avoid it.  In fact if you go online and search for reviews or complaints on any one particular recovery home or treatment center and so forth, you will almost surely find at least a couple, and in some cases many!  As a result, many residential treatment centers actually have certain protocols in place in order to minimize the likelihood for poor reviews and formal online complaints.

If your treatment facility or sober living home does in fact receive an online complaint, the best thing to do is to address it head on and see if maybe an agreement can be worked out so that the client might consider removing it.  Keep in mind however, if the person is still active in their drug or alcohol addiction it can dramatically complicate this process.  Nonetheless it's always worth a try.

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