Is There a Cure?


The vast majority of working professionals and/or individuals working in, or personality involved within the world of addiction and alcoholism recovery believe there is no cure.  Moreover, most believe that no cure will arise anytime in the foreseeable future.  In fact, if you look at the 12-Steps, the most widely used recovery tool worldwide, their very foundation is based on the progressive & chronic disease model that is precisely in line with the belief of, once an addict always an addict.

The first question is, “What is your definition of the cure for addiction or alcoholism?”  To some people this would mean simply being able to live their lives without the unrelenting existence of that daily mental obsession to engage in that drug, alcohol or behavior that has lead to their near demise time & time again.  To others it would mean having the luxury to drink alcohol or use drugs or maybe just gamble a little now and again like any normal human being.  We see commercials on television from high-end drug rehabs and treatment centers advertising their key to having the actual cure, and one must ask, could it be true?  With so many millions of people worldwide wishing they could turn back the clock and reverse all the damage their behavior has caused themselves, their family, their jobs and so on, could it actually be that the cure is here or at least on the foreseeable horizon?

Over the past 10 to 15 years or so we’ve seen major clinical advancements being brought forth within the addiction treatment industry that enable researchers and physicians to pinpoint anomalies and patterns in the brain which are likely underlying components.  You may have heard such terms as; brain mapping, neurofeedback and neuroplasticity, all of which are seeing an ever growing popularity in higher priced treatment centers.  We are seeing a growing hybrid approach to the recovery process which entails both, a 12-Step and non 12-Step protocol in order to best improve the odds for attaining long-term, quality sobriety.

So for those set on finding a facility which offers a cure for addiction & alcoholism, is there a sure fire way to go?  We, the staff at A.T.R.I. are not aware of any full proof addiction recovery cure or facility which can back such a claim with a track record consisting of hundreds or thousands of successful cases.  Remember though, it all depends on how you define the word “cure.”  Among old timers in AA or NA whom have put together many years of sobriety, you can ask them what the success rate is and a common response with be, “Among those whom are 100% dedicated to their sobriety, the success rate is 100%.”

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The information above is intended as a general guide based on the experience of many. The creators of this web page are not licensed physicians; we are caring individuals whom have experienced the horrors of addictive-type illnesses on many levels. We speak from many years of personal and professional experience. Please feel free to contact us for any reason at: