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Addiction and alcoholism can take on many different forms.  One of the most confusing elements within this world is the fact that varying terms can actually mean the same thing or at least have very similar meanings.  Take for instance the terms, drug abuse, substance abuse, drug addiction, chemical dependency, etc., they all have very similar if not identical meanings.  Then you’ve got variations such as, alcoholism, alcohol abuse and of course non-substance related addictions called “process addictions” that entail gambling, sex and so on.

Help Locating the Right Drug Rehab or Addiction Treatment CenterAs mentioned previously with regard to terminology, such is the case with the terms “drug rehab” and “treatment center;” both are often used synonymously.  With the many advancements in addiction recovery science over recent decades it has become quite common to see facilities pulling away from the term drug rehab since it has a more pedestrian sound to it.  Nonetheless, both names are commonly interchanged and you should pay much closer attention to the treatment styles, often termed “modalities,” as opposed to the name they choose to refer to themselves as.  People often presume that drug rehabs only deal with drug addiction but that’s not at all the case.  As a matter of fact, it’s pretty much across the board the treatment centers dealing with drug addiction treatment also deal with alcoholism treatment.  The reason for this is because while the substance of choice may be different, the underlying behavior and patterns of use are highly similar.

A few very important key points to note… FIRST, It may appear on the surface that it’s the drugs, alcohol and/or gambling which is the problem in the abusers life; it’s not!  The drugs, alcohol and/or gambling is just a symptom of the problem.  Ironically, the drugs, alcohol and/or gambling are actually, in a strange way, the solution to the problem.  The problems taking place inside the mind and body of the abuser are deep, often dark and definitely multi-fold.  SECOND, nearly all addiction & alcoholism treatment professionals agree that as of yet, no permanent cure exists.  You may see commercials on television or websites claiming to have the cure for addiction but we urge you to proceed with such treatments with caution.  Here is the question we recommend asking any facility or service claiming to have the cure; “are clients whom have completed your program of recovery able to drink, use drugs or gamble with a level of control as if he or she were never addicted in the first place?”  If they can offer a concrete “yes” then it’s nothing short of a miracle…take it with a grain of salt.  THIRD, there are endless types of rehabs out there, from state/county funded free facilities on up to insanely luxurious locations costing upwards of 80k to 90 k per month!  If you have health insurance and you’re trying to find a treatment center covered by your insurer, you’ll save a lot of time and stress by simply contacting your insurance provider first in order to obtain a list of facilities covered “in-network” by them.  For those seeking higher-end locations on a private pay basis, you have the world at your fingertips!  Be sure not to be blinded by luxuries & amenities and keep your eye on the ball of clinical services provided.  If you’re in a position of having no insurance and no financial means available, your best bet is to begin by contacting your state or local department of public social services or this website:

The information you’re reading right now is extremely brief and nothing more than a drop in the bucket of what’s available out there.  Whether you’re seeking addiction recovery services for yourself or a loved one, keep in mind that this is an often life threatening matter and time is very critical.  Also remember that anyone treatment facility or referral service you contact is in the business of making money.  Yes, they help people regain their lives, but they’re also in the business of making money.  Ask a lot of questions; do a lot of research; search for unbiased 3rd party reviews and testimonials which are NOT shown on their company website for obvious reasons.  Don’t be sold by sales tactics, be sold by clinical services.

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The information above is intended as a general guide based on the experience of many. The creators of this web page are not licensed physicians; we are caring individuals whom have experienced the horrors of addictive-type illnesses on many levels. We speak from many years of personal and professional experience. Please feel free to contact us for any reason at:


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