Information and Questions to Ask Before Entering a Treatment Center, Rehab, Sober Living Home, etc…


Most people have no idea what to expect when they all of a sudden find themselves or their loved one needing help with recovery from addiction, alcoholism, etc.  They may feel lost, overwhelmed, scared and so on…  At this point what they need more than anything else is factual information, options, suggestions, directions and authentic reviews & testimonials.  All they know at this point is that a major problem exists; now it time for major solutions.

There are a variety of options to look at when considering which course of treatment to take.  Obviously if the individual in question is physically addicted to a substance requiring detoxification under the care of a physician that trumps everything else.  From that point, the family and/or the client may choose various courses of treatment, rehab or even possibly a structured sober living home environment.  Unfortunately much of the decision will need to be weighed based on finances.  The key thing to remember is that whatever the situation may be that you or your loved one are going through, it is very unique to that person and you must bear in mind that in the world of recovery from addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, etc., the treatment process is anything but a one-size-fits-all proposition!

Just like anything else that may be new and mysterious, information is key.  Below is a list of suggested questions we’d like to offer in the event you’re seeking some type of live-in recovery services, whether it is a licensed treatment center or sober living home or anything of the sort:

  • First begin by asking them what type of clients they help.  Rather than telling them about yours or your loved one’s situation initially, make sure they actually treat or help people in the same situation by telling you who they serve rather than simply enabling them to say “yes” when asked if they can help your situation.
  • If you intend to use your health insurance to cover or at least partially cover the cost of treatment then your most efficient approach would be to contact your carrier and request a list of in-network providers.  If you do not have health insurance and intend to pay out of pocket then you should definitely discuss cost early on in the initial conversation in order to save time and weed out those locations above your means.  If you are limited to using only no-cost facilities which are state or locally funded then your best bet might be to begin by contacting your local department of social service.
  • Find out about the program length, relapse prevention and what type of transitional services they offer.  One of the most common periods for client relapse is during the transition period from treatment into the next phase, usually offering substantially greater freedom and must therefore be bolstered by effective transitional clinical recovery services.
  • You are more than welcome to ask for references, reviews and testimonials.  Press them for as much information as possible.
  • Ask about treatment modalities and services offered…clinical, non-clinical, social, etc.  Further, ask them to explain everything in as much depth as you need in order to feel comfortable with moving forward to the next questions.
  • If you are the one seeking treatment or other recovery services make sure you are in a clear state of mind, and in all likelihood that’s probably not the case.  Therefore, make sure you have a 3rd party on the phone or with you in person in order to provide you with their clear headed opinion.

There are of course a myriad of other questions that should definitely be asked – information and guidance is imperative!

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The information above is intended as a general guide based on the experience of many. The creators of this web page are not licensed physicians; we are caring individuals whom have experienced the horrors of addictive-type illnesses on many levels. We speak from many years of personal and professional experience. Please feel free to contact us for any reason at: