Independent Addiction Recovery Services

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There are a variety of independent specialty recovery service available to those needing help with drug addiction, substance abuse, chemical dependency, gambling addictions, sex addictions, eating disorders, co-occurring disorders and so on.  While much of the treatment industry encompasses services being offered within a facility-type setting, there are a variety of specialty, highly focused services that are commonly provided on an individual basis.  Examples of such services would be; therapists, counselors, sober coaches, life coaches, interventionists, psychologists, psychiatrists, DUI/DWI & drug defense attorneys, etc.

Many treatment centers and even high-end sober living homes network with these types of recovery professionals.  For instance, interventionists always have agreements with a network of treatment facilities in order to best match the needs of their clients with the services offered at each specific facility.  Another example would be with sober & life coaches as a means for helping graduating clients transition out of treatment and back into life while properly navigating life’s ups & downs without returning to drugs or alcohol.

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