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Reviews on Scottsdale Recovery Center in Arizona

Information pertaining to positive reviews-testimonials and unfounded negative and poor reviews on Scottsdale Recovery Center near Phoenix, Arizona

There seems to be a growing trend over recent years of poor and negative reviews as well as consumer complaints being posted online by unscrupulous individuals, business competitors and so on.  ATRI is presenting this news release in lieu of these types of activities occuring and thus, damaging the reputation of an otherwise highly regarded drug rehab treatment center in Scottsdale, Arizona by the name of “Scottsdale Recovery Center.”  While ATRI focuses predominantly on providing authentic and verifiable reviews within our own site, in certain cases we feel the need to educate the general public, and especially those searching for a drug rehab, treatment center or other type of addiction-alcoholism recovery service, on the existence of this unfortunately growing trend.

The issue has to do with certain powerful websites that essentially enable anyone to say anything about any person or business at any time for any reason with hardly any consideration as to the level of accuracy or malicious intent by the provider.  So considering this, an ex-client can leave a poor review or complaint in an effort to extort the business.  A nearby competitor can do the same thing in an effort to boost their own revenue.  A disgruntled ex-employee can pretend to be an ex-client for instance, and say almost anything they wish.  The list goes on and at the end of the day, a business’ online reputation can literally be torn apart almost overnight.  Not only that, but the same person can create multiple identities and email addresses, thereby leaving multiple negative reviews from seemingly different perspectives!

These consumer complaint sites actually make money in more ways than one from each negative review added to their database.  First, each published page has paid ads along the margins of the page from various business.  Two, they offer dispute resolution services.  A good analogy of this scenario would be the companies that manufacture radar guns.  The same companies that manufacture and supply police departments with radar guns are often the same companies that manufacture and supply consumers with radar detectors.  They basically create the problem and the solution, both of which are revenue streams for them.  Now with the latter example we can chalk it up to the basic principles of capitalism, but that is anything but the case in this situation.

In the case of the specific negative review/complaint on Scottsdale Recovery Center, it has to do with an ex-client who relapsed while in their care and due to additional insubordinate behavior, was discharged from the program.  When she insisted on a full refund, which is NEVER provided under such circumstances within the addiction treatment industry, and subsequently denied, she evidently decided to go on a crusade and utilize all means at her disposal to attempt to ruin not only the reputation of Scottsdale Recovery Center, but also that of executive director at the center, Chris Cohn.

For those of you who are not familiar with the common personality traits inherent in addicts and alcoholics, it’s important you understand that they are typically quite intelligent and almost always have a very refined ability to lie, manipulate and alter stories to their favor in a manner that is very believable.  Why is this?  People who have a track record of addiction and alcoholism are almost forced to train themselves to become good liars and manipulators in order to continue getting away with their behavior while in the midst of active addiction.  They have to scam people and loved ones for money, trust, leeway, 2nd and 3rd chances, etc.  For a true addict/alcoholic, nothing is more important than feeding their addiction, and in order to do so they must refine these skills.  That said, in such cases of relapse or other frowned upon behavior, they are once again forced to lay blame on others in order to make themselves appear less guilty or even entirely innocent.

ATRI recently contacted one of the more prominent consumer review & complaint websites out there in an effort to see if an individual could remove their original complaint if, for instance, the matter had been resolved.  Our thinking was, everyone should have a second chance to make things right, assuming of course that the original complaint holds merit.  Below is an image of the email thread…

Reviews Complaints on Scottsdale Recovery Center

It seems odd that the complainant would not have the ability to remove it if the circumstance were to change.  It’s unrealistic that a company would be permanently marked as such, regardless of their efforts.  keep in mind that these listings tend to come up very high up on search results!  To us it is a clear statement of intent to protect their streams of revenue.  Why else would they not allow a person the basic freedom to remove a damaging statement if the matter were resolved?

When combining the manipulative nature of addicts & alcoholics along with the incredible ease entailed in creating bad reviews on websites that literally encourage people to do so as a means of generating profit, it becomes very easy to understand how major of a problem this could pose to any business and/or individual.

Scottsdale Recovery Center is merely one of hundreds, if not thousands, of rehabs & treatment centers that have fallen victim to such damaging and unfounded claims.  From our experience in working with Scottsdale Recovery Center as well as considering the many positive reviews on their behalf over the years, it’s quite apparent that the sporadic complaints hold very little credibility.  In addition, Chris Cohn is a recovery professional with broad acclaim industry wide.  As an organization engrained within the professional recovery community nationwide, ATRI is comfortable in its position that the stated allegations are very unlikely to hold any merit.

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