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Helping the Family Help the Addict

The Family

The Family’s Role in Helping their Addicted Loved One


As a drug addict or alcoholic progressively transitions through the ranks of chemical dependency, the family is usually there to feel the direct effects of their behaviors and actions.  One of the worst things about such mental health maladies is that it is often those who love the person the most that are most deeply affected.  Over time the lies get bigger and more prevalent.  He or she begins experiencing problems in their work, school, relationships and so on.  Then there is the money problems; all of a sudden the individual is spending large sums of money that far exceed their normal spending patterns.  We could expound on this list immensely.

Many professionals in the field refer to addiction as a family problem, and in most cases there are various family related elements that contribute to to the sufferer’s addictive patters.  Things like childhood trauma, abuse (sexual, physical, verbal), lack of esteem building as a child and so on, can all play key rolls as to how the individual ended up here.

When it comes time for action and rehab is needed, it’s typically a family member that initially starts doing the research on available options.  Often times this entails searching for inpatient treatment center reviews and testimonials as well as general searches for other related information.  For some, maybe outpatient drug rehab or finding a local addiction therapist will suffice.  It’s important that the addict’s family do all they can in order to get their loved one into recovery and if the means means black mail or coercion or some other type rigid influence, then so be it.  This is life or death we’re talking about!  At the same rate, once he or she is checked in and under the care of qualified professionals, it’s also important for the family to take a step back and allow their loved one to fully engage in the early treatment process.


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