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The Opiate Pain Pill Epidemic in America

The growing concern over doctors over-prescribing their patients opiate pain killers that often leads to chemical dependency and sometimes death!

In recent years we’ve begun to see a vastly growing curve with respect to the opiate pain pill epidemic here in the United States.  More and more, we’re hearing reports in the news about physicians facing charges relating to over prescribing and/or improperly prescribing pain medication such as; Vicodin, Oxycontin, Percocet, etc.

Sadly, many of the people out there addicted to such medications are actually well educated, contributing members of society that happened to fall into this vicious cycle due to unfortunate medical circumstances.  Many people are stricken with chronic back pain, for instance, and what was once a mild daily pain management regimen turns into full-fledged drug chemical dependency!

The epidemic has grown much that it is now gaining the attention of Capitol Hill.  For example, Senator Mitch McConnell recently called on the FDA to address the situation in greater depth as described in this article dated April 4, 2013 –  According to the website, during 2012 the drug hydrocodone, also known as Vicodin by brand name, was the most prescribed medication throughout the U.S.

When people hear the term “drug addict” the first image typically coming to mind is the skid row junkie with a crack pipe in their mouth or a needle in their arm, but more often than not, it is anything but that.  The rising numbers chemically dependent pain pill sufferers is staggering, and anyone actively attending AA or NA 12-Step meetings can attest to that fact.

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