Payment Terms and Refund Policy

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These terms apply only to the paid array of expanded web marketing services provided by ATRI.  All such services require an initial payment prior to campaign launch, regardless of any prior special arrangements being made in terms of cost, schedule, etc.  Campaigns featuring a preset cost and schedule of payments will be billed accordingly, with each payment being applied to the upcoming period as described.  For individually tailored campaigns, whether within the ATRI site or as an add-on service such as external SEO, for instance, cost and schedule of payments will be preset prior to campaign launch.

While we may offer flexibility from time to time in terms of program and service costs as deemed appropriate, we do not employ flexibility in terms of payments being made in advanced as opposed to in arrears.  This is an industry standard and one which we feel is important to adhere to.

Refund Policy:

ATRI does not issue refunds with exception to truly extenuating circumstances as deemed appropriate by management.  An example of a “truly extenuating” circumstance would be, for instance, technical issues on our end that involve a period of temporary downtime. In such rare events there will always remain an option for the client to receive either a prorated refund or an added service that would typically exceed the value of the prorated refund amount.

Should a general event arise in which a client is dissatisfied for one reason or another, we will always engage and discuss feasible options with the client directly.  While a refund or portion thereof will typically not be an option, ATRI will go above and beyond the normal efforts that would otherwise be construed as suitable within industry standards.

Performance & Assurance:

As is the case with any form of marketing or advertising, it is impossible for an agency of this type to offer concrete claims as to performance and overall results.  What we can say however, is this: “We will use every tool at our disposal given our vast experience in effective web exposure protocols as it pertains to the world of addiction, recovery, treatment, mental health, etc. – we will apply the principles of recovery in our work and remain steadfast in our commitment to providing a higher level of service than typically seen within our industry.”

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Our staff is available 7 days a week. To inquire further into any of our expanded web exposure services please contact our office at (714) 947-3411 or email at