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Information and reviews on drug rehab treatment and sober living recovery centersThe process of addiction treatment is unique, highly-individual and life-changing to each recovering person in their own way. Given the life-threatening characteristics of drug addiction, alcoholism and other dependency related matters, we created ATRI as a means for locating reputable recovery services based on authentic user reviews, complaints and testimonials.  In addition, we're constantly adding new information from a practical standpoint that remains easy to follow no matter how little your base of knowledge may be.  Whether it is you, a friend or a loved one that is in need of help, the goal at ATRI is to keep it simple, quick, straightforward and most importantly, accurate!

From unbiased and authenticated reviews & testimonials on drug rehabs, treatment centers, sober living homes, therapists, interventionists, sober coaches, life coaches and so on, to a slew of practical and easy to read information concerning all matters of addiction, ATRI has much to offer. Let's make today a fresh starting point for you and the wonderful new life that awaits…

ONE IMPORTANT THING TO CONDSIDER: People do not typically leave reviews for facilities or services that operate on a no-charge basis such as, state or county funded, community funded, faith based, etc.  For this reason, if what you're looking for happens to fall within those specific categories we would suggest contacting your local department of social services.  At the same rate however, our experience has shown that many of the services having reviews and/or testimonials on here do offer treatment & recovery services that often times are deemed surprisingly affordable!




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It is quite common to see addiction recovery websites displaying reviews & testimonials from previous clientele. From the consumer standpoint, the predominant question is usually, "how legitimate or authentic is the testimonial?" After all, if the website you're viewing is attempting to sell you on a product or service then what or who is to stop them from posting false testimonials in order to better promote themselves? We would never imply that to be the case but let's face it, the question certainly comes up in the back of our minds. Welcome to ATRI…we're here to add credibility & authenticity to consumer reviews.

This site is NOT owned or operated by any type of treatment center, drug rehab, addiction recovery service, sober living home, DUI/DWI law firm or anything of the sort. We take an unbiased approach to displaying reviews and do our best to authenticate each submission. For those leaving positive feedback pertaining to any recovery service within the 9 categories shown to the right, only one positive review may be submitted from each IP address and email address. For negative reviews, before displaying publicly, we first allow the facility or service to attempt private resolution with the individual prior to posting. Why? Because, while other consumer complaint sites allow virtually anyone to say anything about anyone or any company for any reason at anytime, we realize that for the person trying to save theirs or their loved one's life, that approach inevitably causes more harm than good!


Most savvy consumers take everything they hear and read with a grain of salt. Logic tells us that a testimonial coming from the mouth of an unbiased consumer with no financial motive carries much more weight than the same statement coming from the mouth of someone who is attempting to sell you on that which the positive review references. In the spirit of shedding greater light by way of authenticating reviews and testimonials, while also providing a forum for practical information dealing with each of the categories shown to right, we welcome you to A.T.R.I.